Happy Father’s Day, Sweet Friend

You still clean my car.

Tonight we were both snuggling a tiny on the couch and we shared a moment, a quick glance that was a reaffirming realization that this is as good as it gets….

I’m so tremendously grateful for you. I hope you feel half of that in return. You are the shining example of service for your family. You work more and extra to provide. You fold all the loads of laundry, and cook all the meals, and purchase a solid 60% of the groceries… but semantics aside.. what you have built is an environment that lets your girls thrive (all three of us). You play the assistant coach, the support staff, the unsung hero, the champion of the mental load. I mean you always pack a the swim bag a week in advance, who does that?!?

You simply get up everyday to work to support our ambitions and dreams. You never let your wants interrupt our work. It’s the greatest example of unconditional love I’ve ever witnessed.

Tonight you said if I relieved you from figure skating you would go home and make dinner… it’s a win, my sweet friend.

In all of the chaos and all of the challenges I’m grateful you are my co-parent.. and their daddy.

Happy Father’s Day, David… it was almost 12 years ago you decided to be all in on our favorite human. Let’s keep being all in.

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