They are feral. I’m so sorry teachers.

Work your magic, magic makers. My girlinas are pretty feral at this point. O didn’t want dinner, and Oo thought a bath was a preposterous idea. We did feed and bath them after much debate.

Second dinner before first day.

They have watched too many shows. They have played outside for hours. We accomplished zero reading goals. Bedtime is around 9, maybe 10, again, my deepest apologies.

O tripled a baking recipe today, and forgot 1.5 x 3. Sigh, we didn’t math outside of counting hours for sunscreen, and baking. We did none of the things.

After losing library books on vacation (they were returned) we quit the library for the summer. Thankfully we found a pair of glasses for O for tomorrow. So, maybe she can see, again? I’m hopeful.

Oo wants to bring her Calico Critters to school tomorrow, because that’s her summertime work.

I packed very substandard lunches for tomorrow. It’s fine. They have food. Oo only wants a “whole washed apple” for snack, and O asked why she can’t snack all day instead of being forced into a specific meal time. #feral

Hardcore vacation….

It’s fine. They’ll catch up. Did I mention we spent a lot of time at the ocean? They mastered a boogie board, and they know every lyric to the entire Hamilton soundtrack. We also read To Kill a Mockingbird and they learned about injustice. We saw shows, whales, and lots of friends!

Ocean Love

David took Oo grocery shopping today (in this family that’s several stores). He casually mentioned hanging with her one-on-one was nice. I’m certain it was lovely for both of them. I’m certain they will both be craving that time by Saturday.

The outfits are laid out. The lunches are made. The bags are packed.

Here we go! Another season to learn, adjust, transition, and hopefully thrive. Bring it on, school year.

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