Mindful Living – I’m Working on It 

I’m not great at slowing down, but when I do say ‘no’, I cherish the results. It’s not easy saying no. I am getting better at it, the ‘no’ part. We all are getting better at saying no.

I’m a graduate student-professional-non profit board president-advocate-wife-mama-friend-wifey-sister-auntie. That’s a lot of things to be everyday. It’s who I am. A slow life never has fed my soul. Ironically, less is what we need now more than ever.

I said no to a sleepover last night. It was totally fine. I reminded O what her weekend plans were, and that a sleepover would interrupt those plans. She totally understood, and it wasn’t even an issue. On her weekend list is finishing the Harry Potter books, and journaling. #bestlife

When I leave them alone they find their own enjoyment.

Today we said no to plans, and I gave up expensive dinner tickets. And for the first time in a long time that felt okay. It felt okay to say “I can’t wrap my head around that.” We spent an hour working on OT, went grocery shopping, did bead work, folded laundry, and went to the lake. I bathed all of the tiny humans and the dog. (Winning, he totally smelled.)  We ate egg sandwiches for dinner. Everyone went to bed with kind words and grace.

Time is such a bizarre thing. We only get all of these minutes to live. I want to always do all of things. It’s challenging to realize how unstoppable I may seem, and also simultaneously feel the moments I need to stop. We love our quiet time.

I’m entering a moment to redefine this season, and I get to decide what that looks like. I want more Saturdays without plans. I want more moments for bead work. I want to make lists with O in our bullet journals that define our weekend goals.

The best most invaluable part of slowing down is realizing I live with my best friends.

Tomorrow we have plans to watch “Anne with an E”, and write thank you notes to the teachers in our lives. These are things I would have previously told you I didn’t have time for. They are the most valuable moments of all of the minutes I get to live.

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