Creating Space 

I’ve studied space. How we plan it, and the intentional decisions people make to exclude specific populations from specific spaces.

I live in a tiny human friendly home. We own zero possessions that are priceless, and that’s really an excellent choice for our family. Juice and cheese sticks end up everywhere. We have over flowing book cases filled with early readers, graphic novels, and picture books. We have hooks that are low enough for tiny humans, and we have a tiny broom. We have a tiny kitchen in our big kitchen. We have pearl beads as our coffee table centerpiece. Our wall art was made by tiny hands.

Trapeze work requires a tongue out.

I love these spaces. We work specifically to provide the tiny humans their home.

We have a small room off of our “formal” living room. We used it as a den. Then we got rid of a dining room, because our family needed a den that fit all of us. Now we have a big den, complete with a new and  fugly sectional couch, a small table in our formal living room, and now an empty small room next to our less than formal living room. (The plans of our house called this small room a library.)

Jump your wiggles out, love.

This small room sat empty for a month. After almost a decade in higher ed I longed for an office. I’ve worked at kitchen counters, on couches, and in coffee shops. I carry files in my purse, and lose important paperwork all of the time.  The potential was there for me to finally have an office. I was so close, but then I just wasn’t that close anymore.
The OT was delighted that we had a pull up bar with trapeze rings. She said Oo needs a trampoline…  Now we have what we are affectionatly calling a sensory room, for big movement. The tiny humans love it.

“If you build it….” – Field of Dreams

Someday I’ll have an office, but now isn’t the time to exclude tiny humans from spaces in their home.

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