Suspect #1: Gluten

I threw away an ear of corn today instead of the husk I had just pulled off of it. That is kind of how I’m operating these days. A little disjointed, a lot of half listening, and reminding myself to “fake it until you make it.” I wasn’t really prepared that searching for answers would also make me feel absolutely insane.

She had a battery of labs done and the results are in. She has “mature” celiac dieseas, and super low iron, which is a symptom of celiac. It’s fine. I know it’s fine. It’s a problem with a solution. I started to read the risks of celiac, and I decided that wasn’t helpful right now.

I’m struggling. I know it will be fine. It’s fine. The pediatrician “thinks” this might be the cause of some of the scary and challenging behavior, but we can’t know for certain until about 6 months gluten free, with zero cross-contamination. The pediatrician insisted we still seek OT and psych evaluations, so we are still looking for things….. searching is exhausting.

I know I should be feeling grateful, and I know I will get there, but I’m just worried for her right now… and I haven’t processed all my feels. I immediately went to wondering how do I teach her to take care of her body, even when she is not with me? How are bagles her favorite food? How do we go specific places and do specific things knowing that our whole world loves all the great gluten?

We will figure it out, we have to. I’m just in the long sigh moment, after receiving some news that will change our lives.

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