I Bought Two Baby Dolls and Told Her Story, Again. 

I bought two identical baby dolls today, and then dropped them at the house we call home on Fridays. I did this to help her navigate conflict. (That sounds way better than admitting I purchased two identical baby dolls so that I could enjoy coffee with my friends on Friday.) Sharing is super hard. It’s really super hard when you are three. It’s even more super hard when there is only one Cinderella baby doll. I saw an easy solution to a reoccurring problem. Cinderella baby dolls for all of the toddlers who need them. 

I opened a “case” with my health insurance company. Apparently finding providers for the under 5 group, in network, is like figuring out how to defeat a horacrux.  They kindly told me in 7-10 business days they would have a list of more people I could call. (All the great phone calls, my friends.) 

We have an OT evaluation. (My goodness, thank you stars and moons.) I only have to drive an hour, and fill out a novella of paperwork prior to the appointment. The questions make me sad. 

  • What are his/her strengths? 
  • What does she/he fear?
  • Does he/she struggle with everyday tasks.

Yes, all of the above. My goodness she is a sprite (yes, an actual fairy). She excels at life, but she doesn’t. She is afraid of so many things… I don’t know… she struggles with everything most days, and other days nothing at all. 

The extraordinary moments of good weather. Thank you, New England.

The outpouring of support these past few days has been amazing. I am so grateful. 

The constant upkeep is hard. How many phone calls can I make between students? Can I finalize grades for 3 classes and make two more? What if they call during pickup? 

I think what’s been the most challenging is simply functioning during this all encompassing experience. I tell her story over and over during every phone call, every “professional” is all “yeah, you need help.” Really, no shit. So are you available in the next 4-6 weeks? 

I stared at an envelope today. I knew the letter in my hand needed to go inside, and it took seconds to remember how to do that. 

No one prepares you for this. No one prepares for recognizing a problem, and navigating a system to find help. 

Liv and I decided our theme song is “Unstoppable” by Sia. 

I am waking up everyday figuring out how to be her best mom. And that’s super hard. Tomorrow I’ll tell her story again. 

Tomorrow I promised that we are going to the beach, because everyone needs a little ocean. 

1 thought on “I Bought Two Baby Dolls and Told Her Story, Again. ”

  1. ❤ This journey is incredible and may seem insurmountable but I know you and your resolve, you can get through anything. You always have. I know it all seems so huge right now but as you navigate through,I pray it will become easier. Hoping Oo finds what she needs. I appreciate your documenting, please let me know if there is anything, we might be able to do to help you!


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