To The Second Genertion 

My tiny humans are more fortunate then they know. They wake up everyday with a team of grownups who care so deeply for their well being.

My tiny humans have grandparents. Grandparents that attend birthdays, and pay for swim class. They have grandparents that send books from Amazon, and birthday cards. They have grandparents that call an extra time when they have colds to check in.

Today I was inside our beloved Montessori classroom, and was at moments overwhelmed that this is where my tiny human gets to learn. This Montessori education would not be possible without the help and support of grandparents.

My dad builds cucumber trellis for their garden, and he rocks his MDS sweatshirt at every opportunity.

My mom is going to Disney on Ice tomorrow. (That deserves it’s own day of recognition.)

They marched alongside their grandchildren shouting “MDS is awesomeness.” I think they are awesomeness.

It takes a damn village. It takes a people witnessing your life, and believing in your choices. Today I’m beyond grateful for my mom and dad. They love my babies, and how do I not love that?

(They still drive me crazy, but today isn’t that day.)

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