Sometimes We Cosleep (Or whatever fancy term you want to give it.) 

I was inspired by this post to share some feels… my tiny humans are pretty good sleepers. They generally go to bed after long and lavish routines… They generally sleep in their own beds, and in their own rooms.

Four nights a week my toddler wakes up and crawls into our bed. I welcome her. I don’t even mind. My spouse once mentioned being annoyed, and I said “okay so bring her back to her bed if it really bothers you.” He answered “I can’t, someday she won’t want to snuggle so I’ll let her stay now.”

That’s it, right? That these amazing tiny humans are only so little for so long. That they are learning where their comfort can be found. They are learning where their safe spaces exist.

I want to be their space. So while I insist on bedtimes, and beginning the night in their own beds, if they need us… we welcome them.

1 thought on “Sometimes We Cosleep (Or whatever fancy term you want to give it.) ”

  1. People in the U.S. don’t realize that this idea of sleeping in their own rooms and their own beds is nothing more than cultural. My Mexican mother-in-law gets mad if our baby doesn’t sleep with us in one bed. It’s unnatural and cruel to her. My Polish mother will get mad the one day when we remove the crib from our bedroom. It feels like I’m sometimes ashamed to speak of our sleeping arrangements here because I immediately hear the overwhelming “you’re still doing that???” Yes, I’m still doing that. It’s what WE do everywhere else inthe world where people don’t live in their 1000+ sq ft mansions (yes, anything bigger than 600 sq ft I consider huge).


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