The Semester Timeline of A Student

I have reached that brutal point in my semester where I am convinced I will not make it. Why, because it’s hard. Every semester ebbs and flows along a familiar shore line. It’s hurrican season. I forgot my raincoat.

I have spent a total of fifteen semesters (including failed attempts) as a student. The total count does not include summer and winter sessions. I always tell myself, “you’re a pro, relax.” I’m a terrible listener.

Student Prespective of The Fall Semester 

Last Week of August: I’m so badass for being here.

First Week of September: Awesome, my instructor has never taught a course, my online class is ‘special’, and holy shit this syllabus is cray.

Second Week of September: I’m actually insane for voluntarily signing up for these courses.

Late September: Why, why am I taking this class?

Early October: First assessments. It’s cool I got this. (Shit, I’m a week behind in the reading.) But I still got this.

Mid October: First assessments graded, we’re good. Job done. I am a rockstar.

Midterms: Why?? Everyone is out eating apples, and drinking cider?!? Why am I doing this?

Later in Late October: Midterms complete. Resume rockstar status.

End of October: My instructors are nuts. They are going to finish all of this material before Christmas??!? You people have no idea.

November: Three weeks until Thanksgiving. If I make it through the second round of assessments I can use the Thanksgiving break to prepare for my finals. I have a plan. I am badass, again.

November Day Five: Question everything I believe in, and make logical arguments about higher education being a total waste of my time. Have small crisis of faith.

Mid November: I’m super snappy with family, curse hosting Thanksgiving, and have lost all faith. (Return to day five.)

Late November: Yell at someone. “You have no idea how much work I have to do.  Everything is a mess. I hate school.”

Thanksgiving: Recuperate. Do zero schoolwork. Have internal anxiety about needing a break and accomplishing nothing. Yell at everyone on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend for my poor choices.

December: Insert nervous breakdown, curse everything, damn academia, because I have time for NOTHING. (Repeat behaviors of late November.)

Second Week of December: I can do this with coffee. Fancy people tell me it’s all about grit.

Finals: “We have to know that too!!?!? Will my reputation influence my grade? I’m really engaged in class, that counts, right? My study guide is 37 pages long. That’s cool. There’s a paper!! No one told me about me about a paper.”

Finals Part II: Girlfriend, get on your life. Make a plan. Get off Facebook.

Finals Completed: I don’t even care how I did, but I’m going to obbessivly refresh Blackboard for final grades.

Semester Complete: One more the books. It’s all about the paper.

The holidays are approaching, but oh my god I need to sleep so much. Trim a tree, and drink wine. Several nervous breakdowns later, I’m closer to earning another paper. Faith is restored. I am badass again.

One more semester complete.

The New Year: I’m super psyched for my spring course load. It’s going to be awesome.

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