Making Food Work: Our First Anniversary 

It’s tremendously challenging to voluntarily serve my community when my paying job is a service to my community. I want to always do more, but after a days work I am often left pretty beaten by the battlefield of inequality. Today I simultaneously did both. I volunteered at work, served my community, and even spent time with my tiny humans. (Bonus: The weather was glorious, and we were outside.)

Today, our local community college celebrated it’s first anniversary of hosting the United Way Mobile Food Pantry once a month. Our area is a food dessert. Access to AFFORDABLE, fresh, and healthy food is limited, and even more limited for our low-income community members. Today the College was able to be a small part of the solution for the 13th time.

 Today we provided healthy, fresh, and FREE food to dozens of housholds in our community. The best part about this program is there are ZERO income guidelines, and after providing identification there are no invasive questions, there are no pages of paperwork, and there is no lengthy wait period to receive free, fresh, healthy food. The environment is free of stigma and shame. The environment is welcoming. So welcoming the tiny human decided she also needed to shop the market.

I have friends that exercise, or practice yoga, or drink coffee and hang with friends to fill their energy cups. (I do a lot of things to fill mine, including coffee and wine with friends.) But volunteering in a meaningful, impactful, and stigma free environment always fills mine, especially when the tiny humans are there to help.

 “That was super fun, Mama. I worked hard, and wasn’t even bored. I think we helped a lot.” – tiny human, age 7.

One year ago. 

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