Fourteen Things Learned by Thursday

Fourteen Things Learned by Thursday 

I use to always default to TNR. I do not anymore. It is a listen to music and feel the feels evening. Sometimes these moments are important. Lists are my new thing.

  1. All of the new, and the learning curve is super steep.
  2. I wake up in the middle of the night (according to my spouse), and shout things about school. “Are you a student?” “Did you get your Monday/Wednesday roster?” – Maybe I am a little stressed.
  3. My boss signed her email #slideone. It is a movement.
    1. #slideone was born out of realizing an entire presentation of “best practices” could be explained to faculty by simply asking them to “give a shit.” Slide one of best practices is simply caring about your work. Everything can be managed if we simply care about what we are doing, why we are doing it, and remembering who we are doing it for. #slideone – give a shit. Are you slideone?
  4. #slideone is a bitch. Yet, it is intoxicating, addicting, and the only way. If not you, than who? If not now, when? If not here, where? (How I feel about my students.)
  5. Graduate school is kind of my paradise, and the wake for my own funeral.
  6. I wear mascara everyday. Tell me that five years ago, and I would have laughed at you.
  7. My office is illegal. I brought in my own tech, a colleague (and dear friend) provided needed cord maintenance, and we moved furniture. (These are protected UNION jobs.) Apparently, a wireless mouse requires three forms, six weeks, and two signatures. My desk placement is breaking ADA laws with the space requirement between the wall and my desk. I am the only one who needs to access behind the desk. I am okay with 34” I don’t need 36”. I am #slideone, if someone needs 36” to get behind my desk I will move it. Also, my iPhone charger is rouge, and another piece of personal tech. (Don’t let anyone see that.)
  8. I am sticking with begging for forgiveness. Asking for permission takes to long.
  9. Scooters are awesome.
  10. Overnight the tiniest is speaking in full sentences. “I want it.” “No thank you, Oonagh no want it.” “Oneee [only] one more.” “Outside, sissy and Oonagh go to outside.” – WHAT THE ACTUAL… I clearly did not push her down enough, and I obviously spoke to many words to her.
  11. Sometimes lists are helpful. They become a place for me to store the madness taking up space in my brain.
  1. I have five working lists on my desk: School, Instructors, Students, Shit to Do, and Long Term Goals.
  2. Sigh, it is a lot.
  3. New things are hard. I have lots and lots of new.

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