Dear Summertime

Dear Summertime,

The point is that we all need a freaking minute. We all need a second to not move. I am terrible at standing still. Summertime please bring your quiet and intense heat that will prevent our movement, and we will be close. We need to be close. Today, my tiny human articulated that she wants me home and my heart ached for her she clearly said, “Hey mama, I need you.”

That need is intense. I need you too, love. I need you too. We need a minute to embrace each other. She is desperate to set up the pool. This evening she dragged the cushions out of the garage and said I could sit while they played. She needs you, Summertime.

Today, we put our toes in Summertime’s cool and delicious pool. I aimlessly followed the toddler around the zoo, and drank iced coffee. The only thing that interrupted our blissful day was school pickup. (I was pretty close to letting everyone skip the day.) School needs to end for the year. I promise we have learned all of things. We have learned all of the important things. Learning is exhausting, Summertime. I teach, and I am a student. The tiny humans are students. We need a minute to learn on our own schedule, and in our way. We need time to read together. We need later bedtimes to enjoy all of the stories that are waiting to be heard.

Summertime, we had frozen yogurt for dinner because my strategy of throwing food at the tiny humans until they are done eating is growing tired. I try hard to not wish away the time, but feel free to speed up for the next few weeks. We are falling, and Summertime we need you to catch us. They need me, and I need them. We need you to embrace us in your heat and hold us still and close together.

Love, A Mama.

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