Wine Worthy Reading

Root 1 Wine, and Big Y Spicy Black Bean Corn Chips
Root 1 Wine, and Big Y Spicy Black Bean Corn Chips

Some of my favorite bloggers end their weekly blog posts with a list of fun and interesting links from around the web. I always look forward to these lists, and often pour a glass of wine to enjoy while I read what they have to share. Here is my attempt at providing you all with some wine worthy readings.

The biggest Dinosaur ever, like really, it was estimated to be 130,000 pounds! Also, my friend, who rocks, knows all about dinosaurs. Go read his comics.

More animal fun, why am I looking at this site, or this one??

Are we really still here? What has happened? She is likely paying a small fortune to attend this institution.

What happens when, 40,000 students show up each year academically unprepared for college-level courses. Add this to the, “need to write thoughtfully about” list of future blog posts. It is old news, however I am recently pretty affected by it.

September Selfie
September Selfie

In defensive of the selfie.

Can you be too sexy to be a feminist?

This years matching Christmas jams will not be christmasy.


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