Five Things I Learned By Wednesday

Why does this short four day week feel like it is a hundred years long?

  1. Ten-month-old babies are brilliant artists, and my daycare provider must be ‘cray’ because she gives ten-month-old babies finger paint, and even returns these babies clean! (Yeah, I totally do not get how she does it either.)

    The Tiniest Human Masterpiece
    The Tiniest Human Masterpiece Medium: Non-toxic fingerpaints Artist Age: 10 months
  2. I will never learn to stop asking, “What do you want for dinner?” It is always, always, always, always a terrible question to ask a six year old, especially if you are looking for a productive, and helpful response.
  3. On school days, a 3pm coffee makes me a better person. No additional comment required.
  4. Fleas are worse than head lice. The cat was previously treated. This created ten loads of laundry, on a Wednesday.
  5. Midnight walks with a teething infant are way less fun than midnight walks after wine, and good food.

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